ATX Interviews

We interviewed some of our favorite people in town.

This town is chock-full of smart people. And we’re not just talking “book smart” (we have a few of those too, thanks UT!) — these are the people who can tell you everything you need to know about film, art, design, food, music and laughter in the city that prides itself on all of the above. Check ’em out and let us know who else you’d like us to interview by tweeting at @GSDM.


Sam Douglas/Filmmaker

Chris Bilheimer/Design

Jack McFadden/ACL Live

Ted Meredith/Esther’s Follies

Jay B Sauceda/Public School

Jesse Herman & Alexis Chong/La Condesa & Sway Thai

Shout out to the production team who made this all happen: Agathe Fay, Maria D’Amato, Tyler Booker, Michael Griffith, Arthur Stewart Jr. and Jefferson Burruss.