Monkey Town 6

Wine, dine, gaze and be immersed.

Monkey Town, the experimental, completely immersive video cinema and dining experience has made its way from New York City to Denver and Barcelona. Stopping in Austin, for a three-month stint, we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see what Monkey Town 6 was really all about. One 27-foot cube; a 5-course menu; sadly, no monkeys; and a wine pairing by famed Chef Sonya Cote later, we found ourselves in a state of euphoria and love somewhere on East 6th Street.


Videographers: Skylar Moran, Hannah Whisenant, Kai Ferguson, Agathe Fay

Director: Agathe Fay

Editors: Hannah Whisenant, Jacob Stern, Kyle Lorehn

Animator: Skylar Moran

Producer: Alex Luprete

Project Manager: Alicia Ross

Art Director: Morgan McDonald

Copywriter: Scott Chalkley

Group Creative Directors: Bill Bayne and Bill Marceau

Account Management: David Rockwood, Melanie Mahaffey, Chelsey Korman